29 septembre 2022

Télécharger Click Chronicles v1.0.17 MOD+APK (Unlimited Money) Pour Android


Click Chronicles – clicker with RPG elements in which the user goes on a journey full of monsters. The main character will go through the land full of monsters that need to be destroyed. He will do this with the help of her powerful abilities, and the player should only be able to click on the screen to damage enemies. As you progress through the protagonist\’s team, he will join the allies with their own unique abilities, and together the team will be able to challenge the most powerful monsters.


A series of contiguous levels are specifically traveled through a map linked by coherent links. The levels are connected by a game or event circuit. Events are spread all over the map and you just have to pass them to get the corresponding gifts. The game map is limited but will be expanded for players to explore and challenge themselves when the event takes place. There are also gates with significant challenges to create conditions for players on the journey to conquest. You will receive great gifts; These large steps are the end of part of the map. So try to finish the level to maximize your fighting skills and get a lot of attractive gifts.


Unlike other fighting games, this game has a new way of fighting; The characters will fight. To win easily, you need to have the right strategy, defeat the opponent, collect lots of items to help the battle process and level up your character. There are different opponents in each level and the difficulty will gradually increase. There is only one winner against each other, so you must focus all your efforts on defeating the opponent and becoming the master of the game.


When you play the game for the first time, choosing a champion is very important. it contributes to your survival; Whether you can win or not depends on the champion you choose. Each champion has unique abilities and gameplay. It takes the right strategy, careful observation, wise choice, a diverse cast of characters, and you can choose the right champion for you.

Caractéristiques :

* Hero\’s Might: four exclusive and powerful passive abilities that can be used.
* Talent System: You are a new recruit of Hero and it seems that you are unaware of the powerful and sealed secrets. In difficult battles, you\’ll practice and master these talents to become formidable.
* Partner Recruitment: When Hero achieves certain goals, he will meet his partners one by one on his journey. And the partner\’s level can be upgraded to enhance the team\’s additional skills and strength.
* Monster Summoning System: Unlock summoning monsters by completing certain objectives and gain more powerful power by leveling up their levels.
* Super Combination System: After the god-like power bestowed by summoning monsters, you can use the combination skill in the limited time to improve attack ability.
* Cute Monsters Archive: There are various fantastic creatures in the world of Click Chronicles, come collect them and add them to the archive!
* Lots of exciting events, build your party; Learn and discover other heroes and be rewarded with attractive gifts
* Exchange and connect with friends around the world to battle, share, help each other and explore the world
* Simple interface, easy to play, beautiful graphic design and optimized are two main keys to great gaming experience.
* Large map with a variety of characters, players can explore a variety of scenes in detail and clearly
* The game offers you the most realistic experience possible, but does not require too much computer configuration and does not take up much computer traffic.

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