19 août 2022

Télécharger Dead Effect 2 v220322.2200 MOD+APK (Endurance illimitée/Puissance/Munitions/Crédits et plus) Pour Android


Dead Effect 2 (Unlimitted Stamina/Power/Ammo/Credits & More) – very realistic first-person action, which tells you a story about a survivor on a larger spaceship. Take up arms yourself and start shooting down the zombies and other mutants that have flooded the ship. But when shooting at enemies, it is worth noting that you have a unique opportunity to pump up the main character, improve his skills and turn him into a first-class assassin and a very not easy target.


The highlight of the game is that it is divided into chapters; Each chapter will have different levels to make it easier for players to imagine themselves fighting. You will experience intense horror shooting sequences with uncompromising enemy encounters. Mixing classic RPG elements gives players a very realistic experience fighting enemies. It would be helpful if you try to complete the chapter as best as possible to avoid losing your life and not facing the monsters and scary zombies again. Complete your mission well, use your fighting skills to the fullest to defeat the enemy and survive in this haunted place.


The game has up to 6 different game modes to choose from; Each game mode has a different mission that you must complete. Use game modes appropriate to the combat situation. Collect weapons, items, samples, close the air vents,… you will use generic mission mode. As you go through different areas, your mission will also be different. The difficulty depends on the area you come to. Choose biohazard mode to destroy the enemy, fight the strongest and achieve ultimate victory. Collect ammo, survive, choose survival mode… there are many other great modes for you to explore. Download the game and experience the unique horror shooter game to unlock more amazing modes.


In order to increase the strength of your own warrior, you need to collect different weapons and items to improve your skills and improve your fighting ability. This game emphasizes the sheer skill of the player. However, the gear also comes with its own benefits: they help players possess superior power compared to regular gear, so don\’t forget to get the best gear to become even stronger.


With the surrounding space locked in a spaceship filled with terrifying alien enemies and monsters, you must fight together, gun in hand, to survive in the dead environment. The horror elements in the game appear as an element that increases the player\’s plot inspiration and allows the player to have a better, more realistic and exciting experience of a lost spaceship in space.


Weapons in the game range from melee to long-range weapons, and range from mild destruction to more powerful ones. The arsenal of weapons in the game is exceptionally large, so players will surely need a lot of patience and skill to collect them. To get even more powerful, don\’t forget to select certain available upgrades to customize your weapon to your needs and playstyle.

Caractéristiques :

* Amazing movie-like quality sound effects and animation effects are faithfully rendered with beautifully simulated environments
* The graphics have been developed using the cutting-edge technology of NVIDIA and the latest version of Android, in order to reproduce the space inside the spacecraft clearly and vividly realistically.
* Develop your character with a unique system of over 100 different gear sets and body implants and a huge upgradable weapon system to choose from.
* The traditional gameplay with challenges is ranked from easy to difficult and there are 7 different game modes in which players can imagine the challenge of conquering the levels quickly.
* Easy custom controls with just a few clicks, full controller support for you with over 10 hours of special missions and 20 hours of campaign gameplay

Dead Effect 2 MOD features

Tuer en un seul coup
Santé illimitée
Munitions illimitées
Pas de rechargement
argent illimité
Bonus actif
annonces supprimées

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