14 août 2022

Télécharger Designer City 2 city building v1.31 MOD+APK (argent illimité) Pour Android


Designer City 2: City Builder Game – a classic city builder simulator with the usual gameplay. The user enters the post of mayor and tries to provide citizens with a high standard of living. To accomplish this task, it is necessary to build residential, office and industrial buildings. Also, you can not do without the construction of green areas, entertainment centers, new roads and other infrastructure. A successful activity on the post of the mayor will replenish the city budget and invest the money in other productive metropolitan projects.

Designer City 2: City Building Game is a high quality and impressive city building simulator where the developers didn\’t focus on creating beautiful graphics, but more on the functionality and intrigue of the creative process. Players have complete freedom of action and decision-making. Plan, think, build, improve citizens\’ lives, visit other cities and strive for more ambitious projects.


To build a prosperous city in this free city builder game, you must attract residents by building houses, condos, apartments, and skyscrapers for them to live in. Once they settle in, they need employment opportunities, so also build businesses and industries to work in. Add bars, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and other entertainment venues to keep your people entertained. Add hundreds of skyscrapers to decorate your city skyline.

Your residents don\’t want to live in a polluted city, so it\’s important to plan your city carefully and make sure to decorate your city with lots of trees, parks and real iconic buildings from around the world. Manage your city\’s electricity and water supply, arrange for garbage collection and farm the land to produce food for your city.

Happy Sims work harder and generate more income to build and improve your city\’s skyline. In this city building game, manage large transport networks to keep your citizens moving day and night. Build large seaports and airports to boost industry and travel in this city building game.

Construisez-le à votre façon
Design your landscape the way you want it. Lower the land to create rivers, lakes and coasts. Raise it to create elevated land, hills, and mountains. Totally unique in city building games!

Enjoy the \ »low poly\ » art style as you build and grow your way to the top in this city builder. What will your skyline look like when you finish building the skyline of your dream city in this city building game?

Designer City 2 gives you complete freedom to design and build a city your way. Plan and develop your city building according to your wishes. A city building game at your own pace, style and direction. Play this city building game offline or online. Design your perfect skyline and build an amazing city.


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