3 juillet 2022

Télécharger Dragons Rise of Berk v1.64.5 MOD+APK (Runes illimitées) Pour Android


Dragons: Rise of Berk (Runes illimitées) – this game is based on the popular cartoon. In the game you control a viking village and in the game you take care of more than 25 kinds of unique creatures that you have not seen before, no more than 40 islands that you need to open the game to conquer all board fans games and economic politics. Do the work and get a priceless experience. The Dragons Rise of Berk mod apk game has nice graphics and fairly primitive controls.


Dragons: Rise of Berk offers you an immersive experience as you step into the world of the popular animated film How to Train Your Dragon. You\’ll meet the main characters of the series again: Hitchups and his teammate Toothless, a Night Fury. So you will experience a remarkable life with powerful entities of various forms and qualities that you can find. In this game, this is a world of vikings and dragons. The remarkable thing is that the lives of the two go on smoothly with a close relationship. So you will see dragon houses with viking houses that can be built on a piece of land. At the same time, players certainly cannot ignore the beauty that this game\’s environment brings, and you will take the time to experience the mechanics it contains. This game offers you many different experiences, but one of them has the experience of building houses and breeding dragons to some extent. This is how you see your country from the third-person perspective, a perspective that allows you to properly manage what is going on in the facility. At the same time, you can easily see your dragons fly to feed you or watch key areas of the facility to improve them.


Dragons: Rise of Berk has an exciting way to play when you can command Toothless to begin a journey of exploration into new lands. At the same time, you have a certain amount of fish and wood for yourself, as well as a certain amount of coins that you can use as in-game resources. Don\’t forget to feed Toothless to level up and this will help him go to different areas in search of rewards. At the beginning of the journey, you have the right to choose the number of bags according to the number of rewards that the player can get after completing the process. The player can select a maximum of three bags, and each bag has a different value. For example, you won\’t lose resources for a single bag, but if you pick two or three, you\’ll spend a corresponding amount of coins. Next, you select the dragon you want to collect eggs from to start exploring. Once you\’ve obtained a dragon egg, your task is to hatch it for a set amount of time. At the same time, you can speed up the process, and sometimes no material is required to complete it. Once the egg hatches, place it anywhere on the map in a specific location. Each dragon has its level system, and you\’ll spend time collecting the remaining dragons and anyone hoping to reach the rare dragon type.


Dragons: Rise of Berk offers you an enjoyable experience when you can have a certain number of dragons, each with different characteristics. You will spend a lot of materials to improve them and you can see two specific levels that you have to reach. Specifically, if you level up one level below the required level, you\’ll get a button asking your dragon to come to the training area and unlock a new ability. Most of the dragon\’s abilities are used to catch fish and collect wood, filling up the number of materials for the player. Weak unlocks abilities to get wood or catch fish that aren\’t repaired, and after acquiring the necessary abilities you can have them gather materials for you. At the same time, you can gather materials in many ways and don\’t forget to build fish and wood camps to increase the number of materials you can hold.


Dragons : Rise of Berk vous offre un gameplay entièrement accessible que tous les joueurs adoreront. En même temps, vous pouvez amener vos dragons pour participer à différentes batailles. Cette bataille se joue au tour par tour, où vous contrôlez jusqu\’à trois dragons, chacun avec des capacités uniques qui ont un certain montant

Caractéristiques :

* Découvrez plus de 400 de vos cerfs-volants DreamWorks préférés du film et de la série télévisée, y compris Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang et Skullcrusher
* Collectionnez et élevez 75 types de dragons différents, tels que les Nadders mortels, les Cauchemars monstrueux et les Typhoomerangs
* Explorez 60 îles uniques sur le territoire viking
* Missions complètes avec tous les personnages de DreamWorks Dragons
* Libérez des dragons légendaires et apportez leur pouvoir à Berk
* Affrontez des Riders rivaux dans Brawl ou testez votre puissance dans Gauntlet
* Participez aux festivals de Berkish ou aidez dans le village pour gagner des prix
* Effets visuels et audio époustouflants avec des animations 3D

Caractéristiques du MOD Dragons : Rise of Berk :

Runes illimitées : Les runes sont la monnaie principale de Dragons : Rise of Berk. Vous pouvez utiliser des runes pour effectuer la plupart des activités telles que l\’achat d\’ingrédients, l\’énergie, les améliorations et l\’entraînement de dragons.


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