5 octobre 2022

Télécharger Dungeon Ward hors ligne RPG v2022.4.1 MOD+APK (beaucoup de diamants/pièces d\’or) + DATA Pour Android


Dungeon Ward shows the mysterious life in the depths of the huge monsters. They guard dangerous weapons and live on the legendary Dragon Island. Many interesting stories about survival and bloody wars take place. The construction system creates mysterious passages and a dark space that blurs everything. As a hero, you take on the task of searching for old treasures with friends and putting your talents to the test in battles.


In order for players to experience a more exciting journey in Dungeon Ward, the system has improved the content and appearance through updates. First, players are allowed to repeat the first three rounds to gain experience, acquire basic skills, and get used to this dangerous life. The underground passages are changed in design and structure to make things easier, and the player can easily find the exit after winning the treasure chest.

Important changes regarding the strength of the tutelary gods and my monsters will help ease the tense situation. Players can access a nicer user interface and clearer control buttons. Players submit their character creation request, wait for a period of time and witness the change process. Now the bugs related to the functioning of the character have been fixed.


A warehouse with necessary equipment is built to serve the player who completes character creation in Dungeon Ward. You can choose from three characters: calm hunter, mighty ranger and mighty ruler. Each character has a unique source of power, specifically the necessary reactions when encountering monsters. Players control them to use available weapons to fight. Sharp arrows, powerful punches and many extremely effective evasive maneuvers. Your decisions affect the final outcome of the game. That\’s why you should think twice when standing in front of the system\’s weapon combo table.


The survival story in Dungeon Ward never ends; You will be a small creature in this society. Decisions, outcomes and confrontations will always leave a deep impression. It doesn\’t just stop at confronting the horrific monsters, but players also have to fight with treasure guards and mysterious bosses who control everything. Life is too hard will help you mature at each stage. Although you are not a master of weapon crafting, the challenge of combining weapons in the chest will not give you a hard time!


Dungeon Ward brings even more new and exciting content about life and combat on Dragon Island. Huge monsters and many prisoners guarding the door present you with many challenges. But don\’t worry, weapons and energy sources in the wild can give you great support. The journey of survival is not easy when a silent boss controls everything. The more challenges you complete, the more rewards you\’ll get for your efforts. Players need to pass many doors to capture more equipment to have enough power to face them in the next war.

Caractéristiques :

* The interesting story building system revolves around the life of ancient warriors on the desert island. You will play as them to continue the journey to discover the origin of the mysterious weapons deep underground.
* The task of reaching the enemy base, confronting them and violently repelling the attacks is carried out in the next levels. Use your power as a warrior.
* Journey to discover the mysteries of the Sacred Isle, confront the untold truths about the source of power within each treasure chest, and fulfill the system\’s unique requirements.
* Complete the challenging mission chain and try to survive in a dangerous environment. The player must face a sudden onslaught of gatekeepers, ferocious dragons and many deadly traps.
* Players can get many rewards for each of their successful missions. Each chest contains many valuable items that you will need in your journey to conquer Dragon Island.

Dungeon Ward MOD features

* Unlimited Gold (Please sell an item to get unlimited gold coins)
* Gemmes illimitées
* Pas de pubs

Download Dungeon Ward offline RPG v2022.4.1 MOD (A lot of diamonds/Gold coins) APK + DATA Free





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