1 juillet 2022

Télécharger Farm Island Family Journey v2.31 MOD+APK (diamants infinis) Pour Android


Paradise Farm Fun and Family: The Island of Happiness – a strategy in which the user will get hold of one of the many islands in the oceans and turn it into a true paradise. But you have to try to build it. The player will deal with the development of infrastructure, agriculture, construction and mining resources. The latter will help the economy and bring the virtual currency to the treasury. Fully equipping the island will give players a unique thriving place that will attract many residents.


Farm Paradise is about one person\’s journey to a paradise island. After the first sight one was completely captivated by the peaceful and fresh beauty of this place and decided to stay to build their own estate. The beautiful end result will be a pretty farm full of plants, fruits and animals. You will forget the busy life before and live like a real farmer on this deserted island.

Playing Farm Paradise you will experience many farming skills with a variety of different crops from food crops to fruit trees and flowers. Each species has a completely unique way of sowing seeds, planting trees, schedule of fertilization, watering, and harvesting methods. By following the in-game instructions, you will complete each stage and then successfully harvest the first, second, and third batch of agricultural products… After harvesting the raw agricultural products, use them for recipes such as cakes, dough, sweets, cookies… The end product is sold to nice neighbors in the area or in a neighboring town.

Farm Paradise is not only played by adults

As long as children can understand the game progress, read fluently and use smartphones, they can play Farm Paradise. But they are even more eager than adults, because with the large number of different farming activities, children can interact a lot, from objects to people. This allows them to stimulate the brain to work and generate excited energy in a very gentle and peaceful way.
What is exciting about breeding?

Not only do you grow crops or visit places on the island, but you also become a talented farm owner with many pets in your garden. Build barns, choose farm animal breeds and take care of them every day. You can even collect cute animals from all over the world, gather in one place and build a miniature zoo campus for tourists to visit. With every satisfied customer you will receive money and gifts. Use this to increase capital to keep investing in new agricultural varieties and finding new animals.

You have to take care of pets, feed them, raise them and train them to help with farming. You will also build and improve your own residences and functional factories and discover new places on the island. Later, you may get a chance to unlock new game modes with other interesting island landmarks.

Another attractive mission for players

Play for a while and you will see the character Dr. See Johnson, a famous archaeologist. Some events push you to become the doctor\’s companion to explore and visit unknown corners of the island together. You can find valuable artifacts and collect great bonuses.

In this colorful tropical island world, players are also able to fly planes, trains and cars to avoid passive situations while farming here. Since there is no assistant, you have to actively drive your car or pickup truck to transport goods and sell them to the neighboring city.

Caractéristiques :

In-depth and intuitive gameplay of simulation

To start with, Android gamers in Farm Paradise will find themselves having access to the simple and intuitive in-game mechanics that allow them to quickly get familiar with the excellent gameplay. That’s said, the game offers intuitive touch controls for you to freely navigate around the islands and make your commands.

In addition, to simplify the interfaces, especially with many in-depth features that the game offers. Find yourself experiencing the awesome gameplay of simulation with many intuitive indicators that show off all the important information about activities that are happening on your islands. Thus, allowing gamers to easily keeping tracks of their harvests, missions, adventures, and so on.

Manage your entire islands with lots of interesting gameplay

And as you dive into the awesome gameplay of Farm Paradise, you’ll also find yourself enjoying the exciting island simulation, in which you’re able to manage your entire islands. Dive into the relaxing casual gameplay with dozens of interesting activities around your islands. Manage the entire islands, design your farm, decorate your guesthouses, create interesting establishments, and explore the game to many extents.

Become a farmer and grow whatever you like on the island

To start with, you can dive into the in-depth farming experiences with the game as you attempt to create your own beautiful farm island on an untouched piece of lands. Create your happy village and become a farmer as you enjoy many interesting farming gameplay in Farm Paradise. Tilt your crops in many slots on the island, grow multiple vegetables, flowers, and fruits as you enjoy many interactions with the farming gameplay. Harvest your delicious crops daily and enjoy the farming gameplay even more as you progress in the game.

Raise lots of amazing animals on your islands

Along with growing your crops at the field, Farm Paradise also introduces gamers to the in-depth simulation gameplay, in which you’re allowed to raise many of adorable animals, with both your farm animals and other interesting pets, along with exotic species. Field the islands with many interesting animals by having them placed in their own preferred inhabitants.

Grow your animals and enjoy many interesting interactions with them. Make the visitors extremely happy as you introduce them to your friendly animals. And for those of you who’re interested, you’re totally possible to create your incredible zoos with some of the most exotic animals.

Plus, your farm animals will also produce many useful farm products like milks, eggs, and furs, which can be used to craft many interesting items.

Build important buildings and start making items from your island

Along with farming and taking care of animals, the game even lets you create an entire community in the village with multiple buildings. Feel free to introduce new buildings to the islands and let new villagers come to your islands. Create your own townships where you can create multiple items and interact with the friendly townsfolk.

Trade your products with the fellow townships

With your collected products and crafted items, you can take on the interesting trading gameplay, which allows Android gamers in Farm Paradise to sell their products to the neighboring townships. Earn lots of money as you complete their requests and deliver the right items. Collect money and rewards as you unlock more and more profitable trade options.

Enjoy the exciting adventures with the famous archeologist

For those of you who’re interested, the game also offers exciting adventures, in which you can join Dr. Johnson in his great adventures into the ancient ruins. Feel free to pick up multiple in-game missions and enjoy exciting gameplay as you explore the islands, along with its interesting secrets. Collect priceless artifacts and unlock many interesting building options for your islands with newly discovered secrets. And of course, by completing certain missions, you’ll also earn tons of amazing rewards.

Complete request from the visitors and earn rewards

As for the visitors, the more they’re happy with your island, the better your businesses will be. That’s said, you can do many things to impress them. Start by having your islands properly decorated and thoroughly remodeled. Introduces the visitors to many interesting activities with the available farming gameplay, or allow them to interact with the interesting animals. And most importantly, you’ll receive many exciting requests from certain customers. Complete them and receive your special rewards.

Farm Paradise MOD features:

argent illimité
Diamonds illimités


Raise when you spend.

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