19 août 2022

Télécharger Hyper Knight v2.6 MOD+APK (argent illimité) Pour Android


Hyper Knight game developed by Endless Loop will be released to players through Early Access after testing. You will play the role of an unknown knight, find teammates and recruit warriors to fight against a cruel enemy who suddenly attacks your kingdom.

The enemy\’s sudden attack leaves you and your teammates overwhelmed and unable to react. The situation to deal with is to choose a way to escape from the kingdom to find a long-term plan to reclaim every single piece of land. You are everyone\’s support and only hope, everyone needs you to stand up and teach, put on armor, prepare weapons and fight!


Everything was there again, the appearance of the knight rendered the opponent unresponsive. To avenge and restore honor to the humiliation of this day, you must think long-term, think deep, and gather allies to form a mighty army. Random raids on villages to block front lines, deplete enemy supplies, burn down a village and capture castles when opponents drop their cover. Time is limited, take advantage of the short ambush time trying to conquer their entire territory and destroy all plantations while the enemy focuses on fighting your allies. The first thing you have to do is quickly destroy all enemy troops in the area, wait for your allies to do the construction and take back your kingdom.


A surprise attack leaves you unprepared, your empire temporarily belongs to the enemy. Don\’t give up as you watch your empire take over. People need you to protect them, they need life, put all their trust and hope in you, so you need a long-term planning strategy to prepare for the future. A bloody fight is imminent. Gather allies, train to improve everyone\’s skills, plan carefully to show everyone what you\’re capable of, and make this battle your playground. Get up, put on armor, equip weapons and fight now.


Start the game by taking part in an exciting action-adventure, go with your teammates, archers and swordsmen who will accompany you on the way to the future. With a varied combat system, your mission during combat is to destroy any enemy forces that stand in your way. Strong opponents with a large number of soldiers because of their surprise attacks, the enemy forces with chaotic patterns will hinder you, you need to focus all your strength on the battle.

Caractéristiques :

* A series of exciting events and countless attractive rewards increase the fun of players, win and improve your army.
* A diverse system of costumes and weapons equips the knights to increase their strength, improve fighting spirit and create synergies to crush the enemy.
* Simple interface, vivid design animations, simple controls, smooth gameplay that scores in the eyes of the players.
* Data saving function, does not take up too much space, the configuration is not too high, players don\’t have to worry about taking up a lot of space.
* Explore interesting places, share and learn, meet lots of new friends and give yourself great experiences.
* Simple one* touch controls.
* Unlockable events.
* Easy upgrade system.
* Many different worlds.

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