5 octobre 2022

Télécharger Knights Fight 2 New Blood v1.1.3 MOD+APK (Ne regardez pas les publicités pour obtenir des récompenses) Pour Android


Knights Fight 2: New Blood is an exciting and stunningly beautiful action game with fighting game elements. Players transform into a warrior of a medieval kingdom in a state of utter discord. Anyone with even a modicum of ambition is looking to carve out a place in the sun, push competitors to titles and positions, and ideally, seize control of territory as well. And to get closer to the goal, you have to take part in exciting and spectacular 1v1 battles, in which a lot depends on the care of equipment and weapons, on the chosen skills, as well as on the player\’s own speed.


If duel is too boring for you, this game will create a new scope for you. Although it is not a game genre with a new theme, Knights fight 2: New Blood has always been popular in the market with its fighting style. You can also directly confront other players in this arena by fighting with robots. Use weapons to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible and the game offers you a huge item system to choose for your character.


It won\’t be too difficult for you to get used to the game\’s controls. With just a few taps, you can easily control locations and move there to complete tasks. Knights fight 2: New Blood is the place where you can show off your martial talent and clever strategy. All you have to do is participate in the game\’s challenges, but in the later stages, the challenge will gradually increase and create many obstacles for you. Make sure you\’re always ready to fight and find ways to quickly defeat your opponents.


In order for players to have the best experience, the manufacturer has added many features that were missing in previous parts to create the best gaming space for you. When you\’ve tried all of the game\’s standard missions, you can join the arena where players gather and choose the strongest. You have a chance to climb to the top of the table by beating these players with your great skills. Especially after each win, the game gives you attractive rewards.

Caractéristiques :

* The return after the previous parts promises players a new journey, the role-playing of a powerful character and the beginning of the journey to conquer new goals
* Designed with vivid graphics, you will have a very realistic feeling when fighting in the arena; also fully equip the character for battle
* The classic gameplay will give you unforgettable experiences, but the challenge in the following levels will gradually increase, so you will have to use all your skills to win
* Enjoy a variety of game modes, challenge other players and show your talent to conquer the first place on the leaderboard
* In addition to the dramatic combat moments, you can also learn about the fascinating storyline in this game; The additional story will be super fascinating mystery stories.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood MOD Features :

* damage multiplier

Knights Fight 2: New Blood

In short, Knights Fight 2: New Blood is a beautiful 3D game with great physics simulation, flexible combat mechanism, diverse weapon and upgrade system, attractive side quests and side stories. Download Knights Fight 2: New Blood now and show your bravery in battle.

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