5 octobre 2022

Télécharger PAKO Forever v1.2 MOD+APK (voiture déverrouillée) Pour Android


PAKO Forever – a fascinating arcade racing game, which is a continuation of the same game. The user is again invited to take part in a police chase in the role of the main target. The player gets behind the wheel of famous cars and tries to survive as long as possible by driving in a large parking lot. At the same time, his car is being chased by the police, and at first it was limited to ordinary patrol cars, but with each new level the prosecutor\’s office will be associated with other devices, among which there are even helicopters and tanks.

le style de jeu

In the previous versions, you can find adventures in many places, but PAKO Forever will be the real fight in an endless parking lot. You\’re going to drive in there and find a way out of all the other cars you\’re hitting in your car. They are driven by crazy drivers who try their best to crush anyone who tries to leave the parking lot. We can see a familiar thing in the old version, the UFO hovering over the car\’s roof. In addition, these alien spaceships fire the beams. Thousands of surprises will be included in the re-image version. The producers have developed the game\’s controls with an easy-to-use guide. Simply put, the player can control their car with just two or even one finger. Your car will move forward automatically without stopping. So you just need to click on the left or right side of the screen to steer the car, hold BOTH buttons to slide extra. There are many obstacles on the map that you have to avoid and also the umbrella that I\’m heading straight for you. Try to drive in such a way that you don\’t hit anything exciting. Also find out how to get lots of power-ups or crazy bonus items. They will help you a lot in exceptional cases. Just double tap the screen for easy use.


The game\’s map is preferred by the designer and is varied as it keeps changing as you enter another game. Also, the designer offers both portrait and landscape modes, so you can choose your favorite poses and play. They have also prepared many vehicles in the store so that you can unlock them every time you accumulate enough money after playing the game. Also, game data is saved in the cloud so you don\’t lose the game.

Caractéristiques :

* Gameplay simple et addictif
* La carte générative est différente à chaque fois qu\’elle est jouée
* Jouez en mode portrait et paysage
* Utilisez des objets bonus fous et trouvez des zones secrètes!
* Débloquer des voitures
* Concours de classement
* Réalisations
* Stockage en ligne

Télécharger PAKO Forever v1.2 MOD (voiture déverrouillée) APK Gratuit


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Capture d\’écran du jeu

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