19 août 2022

Télécharger Real Car Parking Parking Master v1.5.5 MOD+APK (argent illimité) Pour Android


Real Car Parking: Parking Master is a game where players complete parking tasks and unlock many other interesting modes. Each of them has different impressions and challenges to overcome. At the same time, the number of levels in which players can show their skills and earn a certain amount of money is completely different. You can collect an impressive number of cars.


In Real Car Parking: Parking Master, players enter an impressive world from the design to the details it can bring. You will take your time to find out what it is about and complete different challenges. From there, you\’ll use your skills in many different game modes, and each mode has exciting features. In addition, the game also requires you to be able to control your car using your skills.

You control your car in the standard third-person perspective and control your car with two hands. There is a control button on the left side of the screen for you to easily steer, and on the right side there are corresponding buttons like gear lever, brake pedal and accelerator pedal to control the car properly. At the same time, it also means that you can manage your vehicle manually and ultimately face many challenges that the game brings.


Once you know the controls of Real Car Parking: Parking Master, start another gameplay in the game. The primary mode in the game usually involves parking. The player completes the assigned task in this parking mode when driving his car to a certain place. You don\’t have to worry too much about getting lost in a big world as there are prominent directional elements along the way for everyone to see and follow.

When you go there, the area where you have to park your car is orange and turns green if you park correctly and fully comply with that area. Don\’t forget to set the shifter to P level to complete the level and you\’ll avoid bumping into anything along the way. In each level you must not exceed the number of errors in the game, and the number of areas where you have to park your car will also increase over time. So you will find many different challenging levels.

Besides the game screen of the primary game mode, you will also experience more other modes. In time mode in particular, you drive your car to complete the same parking task as the above mode, but you need to make sure to complete it in a given time period. Free mode takes you to a free experience to explore what\’s in this game. At the same time, drift mode gives you an area to drift in, knowing the maximum number of points you can create.


When you have completed many levels in Real Car Parking: Parking Master, you can experience the exciting levels and the amount of money you will get after meeting. Of course, this money is fully used so that you can buy new cars to experience the amazing world of this game. In addition, you can also customize the new cars since you can change their paint color to your liking.

Caractéristiques :

* Learn parking and drifting by playing Parking Master
* Drift like a pro
* Race against time in time mode
* Race with yourself
* Graphiques réalistes
* Realistic driving and drifting
* It\’s free to play
* Burn out your tire
* Get ready for real racing and parking


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